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Two countries - one philosophy

Domaine Wilfersdorf

Continuity on the one hand and innovation on the other have been the hallmark of princely viticulture for centuries.

The historic Domain Wilfersdorf is located in the northern Weinviertel (“Wine Province”), where the loess soils and pronounced Pannonian climate have influenced viticulture in the region from time immemorial. Very hot and dry summers, along with cold winters, impart vigour and expression to the wines and make the Princely Wine Cellar in Wilfersdorf predestined to produce classic Austrian cool-climate wines with plenty of elegance and marked acidity (Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Muskat Ottonel). At the same time, the special location of our winegrowing village in a basin offers ideal conditions for growing distinctive reds (Zweigelt and Merlot). The principal single-vineyard sites, "Karlsberg" and "Johannesberg", of the Princely Domaine comprise a total of 35 hectares and belong to the winegrowing municipality of Herrnbaumgarten.

Domaine Vaduz

"Herawingert" is doubtless the most traditional and most important vineyard. With a single vineyard covering four hectares, it constitutes the country’s centerpiece of viticulture and ranks among the best vineyards of the Rhine Valley. Due to its south-western exposure and the mild climate influenced by foehn winds, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay find ideal growing and ripening conditions here.


Our winemaking policy is to interfere as little as possible with the natural procedures. The wines are allowed to freely develop their varietal characteristics.

Careful cellar technology causes the natural potential of the grapes to evolve, thus creating wines that reflect the regional diversities and climatic conditions.

Consequently, we vinify both highly structured, delicate, vivid wines and full-bodied Reserve wines carefully aged in wooden barrels. Our expertise in terms of diligent and patient aging has enabled us to become the leading red wine specialist of the Weinviertel and one of the most prestigious wineries in the Rhine Valley. Our experience in dealing with two climatic zones in different winegrowing regions and processing different grape varieties has put us into the unique position to produce outstanding wines by applying both traditional and innovative approaches.


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