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Leithaberg DAC Chardonnay 2021

Chardonnay from the Leithaberg is one of the world’s great wines. The variety shows enormous potential for matu- ration in our élevage, but is already lively with minerality and stimulatingly powerful on the palate in its youth. Its somewhat more neutral flavour profile makes it an excellent accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes.

The Chardonnay Leithaberg DAC co- mes from what is probably the best Pinot-family vineyard in Sankt Mar- garethen. Its high fossil limestone & quartz content gives the wine a great deal of structure, elegance and ‘that certain something’. Nearby Lake Neu- siedl reflects sunlight onto the gentle slopes and thus ensures that this pre- mium Chardonnay ripens at just the right time.

Selective hand-harvesting from organically cultivated vineyards; partially spontaneous, very gentle fermenta- tion in 500 litre tonneaus and careful aging for a year in the 500-year-old cellars of the Hofkellerei create a wine with distinctive structure.

Fresh, radiant golden green in colour, violets, orange zest, slightly smoky notes and dried tropical fruits in the bouquet. Powerful on the palate, car- ried by freshness & minerality charac- terised by limestone; quite lively, with great length in the finish.

Perfect with rich fish & meat dishes, Asian-inspired cuisine.

CHF 28,00

CHF 37,33 / litre


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