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F.L. Premier Brut

Its ripeness, the precise interplay of fruit with acidity and the complex aromatics make F.L. Premier Brut one of the greatest and most elegant Rosé sparkling wines.

Our Reserve series wines are harvested from older vines, grown in the deep loess soils of the single vineyards Karlsberg & Johannesberg, owned by the family for more than 600 years. They are characterised by their clarity of origin, terroir, authenticity, precision & great value.

Early harvesting for the base wine, gently vinification with a short time on the skins. Traditional second fermentation in the bottle, one year maturing in the bottle.

Fine, tender scented creamy and round on the palate with a fine mousse, ripe character, quite long in the finish. Riesling und Grüner Veltliner traditionally fermented in the bottle.

Recommended as an apéritif, light cuisine and for special occasions.

CHF 28,00

CHF 37,33 / litre


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