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Herrnbaumgarten Cuvée 2021 Magnum bottle

Viticulture has been a tradition in Herrnbaumgarten for centuries. Growing on calcareous, deeper layers of loess, salted with small limestone pearls from the onetime Danube Delta, tightly woven, fresh Riesling and open, lush Grüner Veltliner ripen here, moulded by the Pannonian climatic influences.

The rare blend of Riesling and Grüner Veltliner from the parcels in Herrnbaumgarten creates an unmistakably original, fruity-mineral and invigorating style, in which two varieties with their assertive individual characters meld into a unique flavour.

Brilliant green & yellow in colour, vivid bouquet of stone fruit, passion fruit, quince, pineapple, lavender & mint. Salty & mineralic in character, open and lush, full of exotic fruit & spice, with stimulating freshness & length on the palate.  

Recommended for favourite creative dishes and cheerful company.

CHF 35,00

CHF 23,33 / litre


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