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Traminer 2017

100% Traminer / Alcohol: 12,1%

It is not possible to mention the exact origin of this variety. What seems to be sure is that it is a very old grape variety, possibly originating in Egypt. Traminer seeds were found during excavations there. Its subsequent propagation took place via Greece to Italy, and finally to our territory by the Romans. Due to very high demands on the location and its low yields, the cultivation of this grape has strongly declined. It is an absolute specialty, with unique varietal characteristic features.

harvest: 25.10.2017

filling: 19.01.2018

The grapes were picked by hand under warm and dry weather conditions at 20,5 °Brix. After destemming, the berries were left on the skins for 12 hours. They were then pressed using a pneumatic tank press and fermented at 24° C. After four months of aging on the lees, the wine was stored in stainless steel vats.

straw-yellow color; herbal-spicy subtleness paired with aromas of wild rose petals and elderberry flowers; straight, as clear as a bell; sufficient acidity and freshness on the palate, with good flow to the finish.

Popular with: hot and spicy dishes; cheeses; any type of pâtés, especially goose liver

CHF 15,90

CHF 21,20 / litre


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