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Riesling 2019

Riesling is one of the traditional varietals in the princely vineyards. Its ability
to develop expressive aromatics, elegance and a sense of place - even in a lighter style makes it one of the most important white grapes.

Entirely healthy grapes with crystal clear aromatics, precisely fermented with neutral yeasts. Aged on the fine lees to achieve structure and fine texture, bottled in February to preserve the freshness of the vintage in every bottle.

Light and ripe green with silver reflexes, herbs, orange zests, coco and lemongrass. Elegant texture, white stone fruits like wild peach on the palate, fine and multifaceted acid-fruit structure.

Pairs with fish and seafood, fine pasta, light meat dishes such as veal or poultry and fresh, vegetarian cuisine.

CHF 15,90

CHF 21,20 / litre


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