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Sortiment Wilfersdorf



Today, the Grüner Veltliner is rightly regarded as one of the most internationally renowned Austrian varietals. Especially in north-eastern Austria, it produces wines with a unique structure, freshness, maturity potential and above all, animating character. These outstanding characteristics are concentrated in the old vines at Karlsberg thanks to their naturally lower yield.

harvest: 29.09.2017

The grapes, which had small berries due to the dry weather in 2017, thus making them highly aromatic, were harvested by hand early in the morning in order to best preserve the freshness and structure of the vintage. Allowing the wine to age sur lie for approximately 10 months, partly in used 500 liter barrels, especially promotes the length and juiciness of the vintage.

Rich green with bright yellowish shines, fine notes of exotic fruit, a bouquet of cherry and orange blossoms, great complexity on the palate, minerality, a spicy fruity acidity of mango, ripe apple and quince, with an animating length.

Pairs well with: Smoked fish, crustaceans, boiled beef and fine, well-seasoned and slightly spicy, Asian-inspired meat and vegetable dishes

CHF 16,90

CHF 22,53 / litre


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