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Wine Wilfersdorf


Zweigelt 2016

Clos Domaine

100% Zweigelt / Alkohol: 13,1%

Zweigelt is a relatively new cultivar developed by the Education and Research Center in Klosterneuburg. It dates back to 1922 and was named after its grower, F. Zweigelt. This variety is highly adaptable, yet prefers early- to medium-ripening sites and deep soils. Its yields must be controlled, the best results being obtained at yields of about 500 g/m2.

The wine has an intense, ruby-red color with slightly violet hues; it offers aromas redolent of berry and spice; on the palate, this is smooth and supple, with appealing tannins.

harvest: 04.10.2016

filling: 18.05.2018

The grapes were harvested under dry and warm weather conditions. After destemming, they were fermented on the skins at 25°C for seven days and pressed using a pneumatic tank press. After this, malolactic fermentation, aging and storing took place in wooden casks.

Very aromatic, dark cherry, elegant, spicy bouquet, graphite-like, sliding tannins, soft, attractive, lots of drinking anime

Popular with: snails and mushrooms; offal, beef and wild game, meat skewers on the grill


€ 12,26 / litre

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