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Pinot Noir 50 cl 2019

“The Queen of Red Wines”. As the most important, high-quality red wine grape from temperate climates, this variety thrives in the ideal conditions that prevail at the Herawingert vineyard. The variety was probably first cultivated by the Romans. Charles III introduced it to Lake Constance from Burgundy as “Clävner” in the year 884. Pinot Noir requires a high level of wine-growing care and attention, as it is susceptible to noble rot, especially in wet years.

Handpicked in good, dry weather. Grapes were very healthy and fully ripe with 100 degrees Oechsle. De-stemming and subsequent cold maceration. 14 days mash fermentation with ideal fermentation temperature control (initial and main fermentation phase). Pressing with pneumatic press. Aging and maturation in stainless-steel tank and in used French oak barrel.

Brilliant, intense ruby red, wonderfully accentuated fruity bouquet with nuances of dark cherries. The long-lasting fullness and depth impress the palate.

Pairs well with dark meat and cheese

CHF 18,00

CHF 36,00 / litre


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